Memorandum of Understanding with SWDGA

United States Deaf Golf Association (USDGA) and Southwest Deaf Golf Association (SWDGA) have reached an agreement on memorandum of understanding to offer competitions in a single occasion, beginning summer 2021.

Furthermore, Falconhead Golf Club in Austin, Texas is the main site to host 11th biannual United States Deaf Golf Championships and 63rd annual Southwest Deaf Golf Association Tournament. Date of competitions are June 7th to June 11th, 2021.

Additional details on Memorandum of Understanding will release in a future date.

YouTube Video is available to view, see below. To turn on subtitles, click at the bottom of video.

United States Team are all set for WDGC 2020!


Brumm, Eric

Miller, McGowin

Mabashov, Michael

Gregory, Frank

Aldaz, Dano

Tokioka, Pono


Worek, Keith

Dapp, Tim

Perkins, Thomas

Vaughn, John

Hall, Dan


Super Seniors

Isobe, Gerald

Finneran, Mike

Helmick, Mickey

Berrigan, Dennis

Gabriel, Ron


Lopez, Patty

Zupnik, Susan

Stockton, Melissa

Bachtel, Mary

Benson, Marie

Check WDGC 2020 for more information.

New Inductees in Hall of Fame

Tim Dapp

Patty Lopez