Hall of Fame


U.S. Deaf Golf Association established USDGA Hall of Fame in 2007. The Rationale for having the USDGA Hall of Fame is:
* To preserve history of deaf golf championship play and/or leadership in America
* To recognize achievements over a lifetime
* To provide role models for aspiring future USDGC/WDGC entrants
* To promote awareness of exemplary play and leadership in America’s deaf golf community

USDGA Hall of Fame Chairperson: Bernie Brown

Class of 2015
Bernie Brown (Leader)
Darrell Hovinen (Leader)
Gerald Isobe (Player)
Claude Stout (Leader)

Class of 2013
Helen DiFalco (Leader)
Linda Nelson (Leader)
Heyward Thompson (Player)
George Dyess (Player)

Class of 2011
Doren Granberry (Player)
Gordon Bachman (Leader)
Jim Potter (Leader)
Norman Artz (Player)

Class of 2009
Bill Roberts (Player)
Susan Zupnik (Player)

Class of 2007
Roy DeMotte (Leader)
Harold Deuel (Leader)
Jim Hynes (Leader)
Neil Johnson (Player)
Ray Kessenich
Jack Kunz (Player)
Gil Lentz (Leader)
Francis Mog (Leader)
Patty Sue Ploysa (Player)
Anna Prinzevalle (Leader)
Wilbur Sawhill (Leader)