Hall of Fame Criteria

Section 1: Purpose

The purpose of the association’s Hall of Fame is to honor outstanding deaf golfers and deaf golf leaders who have contributed exceptional service to the sport of golf in the regional area of this association.

Section 2: Committee

The Hall of Fame Committee shall consist of a Chairperson selected by the President, the Historian and at least five (5) Hall of Fame members, including at least one (1) past officer. The Chairperson shall select the five Hall of Fame members with the approval of the President. The Chairperson shall serve his position as long as he desires. However, the President shall use his authority to terminate the Chairperson’s term, if he deems it necessary, and appoint a new Chairperson. The term of the Committee members shall be unlimited. However, it shall be up to the discretion of the Chairperson to dismiss any Committee member, if deemed necessary, and replace him. The Chairperson shall fill vacancies, if any.

Section 3: Remuneration

The Chairperson shall receive an allowance per year determined by this association. This association shall reimburse Committee members for reasonable expenses incurred in the selection of candidates.

Section 4: Contributions

The chairperson shall welcome contributions from other sources to benefit the Hall of Fame and shall make a report at each Council meeting of this association.

Section 5: Nominations and Procedures

The chairperson shall mail out nomination forms to members of the committee three months prior to each tournament. Balloting will be finalized one month prior to the tournament. The voting by the committee shall be on a five-three-one (5-3-1) basis, with the first preference receiving five (5) votes, second preference three (3) votes and third preference one (1) vote. Those candidates receiving a majority of votes shall be declared elected into the Hall of Fame. No more than three (3) persons shall be inducted every year.

Section 6: Requirements for candidates

A candidate must have participated in at least twenty (20) regional/state tournaments or two (2) NDGA/USDGA tournaments and have accumulated one hundred twenty (120) points in order to be eligible for nomination to the Hall of Fame. Golfers & Leaders born after December 31, 1953 must participate in at least 5 national golf tournaments before becoming eligible for nomination to USDGA Hall of Fame. However, exceptional candidates with less than the minimum awarded points may be placed on the ballot by a vote of two-thirds of the Hall of Fame committee.

The number of points shall be awarded as follows:

1. State/DGA Tournament Participant – 2 points

2. NDGA/USDGA Tournament Participant – 5 points

3. World Deaf Golf Championship Tourney Participant – 10 points

4. World Deaf Golf Champion – 50 points

5. USDGA Champion – 25 points

6. State/DGA Tournament Champion – 10 points

7. State/DGA Flight Champion – 5 points

8. State/DGA President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer– 5 points

9. USDGA President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Board Member – 10 points

10. USDGA Tournament Chairperson – 20 points

11. State/DGA Tournament Committee – 3 points

12. NDGA/USDGA Tournament Committee – 10 points

13. State/DGA Tournament Chairperson – 10 points

14. State/DGA Trustee – 3 points

15. State/DGA Delegate – 3 points

Section 7: Recognition

Each person duly inducted into the Hall of Fame of this association shall receive a plaque in recognition of the honor. A recent photo of the newly inducted member shall be requested. The names of the persons inducted into the Hall of Fame shall be printed in each program book, if any, by the host of the tournament.

Section 8: Special Awards

Special awards and considerations of Old Timers shall be left to the discretion of the Hall of Fame committee.


The Historian shall keep a record of all historical data of this association since the inception, arranged in chronological order. He shall also keep any printed materials in relation to this association. He shall bring all the historical data to tournaments for members and guests to browse through. He shall be a current member of the Hall of Fame and shall serve on the Hall of Fame Committee.